In the competitive fintech sector, standing out is not just about having a groundbreaking product; it’s about ensuring your sales strategy is as innovative as your technology. One Chief Revenue Officer shares insights into how SellBigger’s sales funnel consulting services revolutionized their sales process and led to exponential growth.


Q: Can you tell us about the challenges your startup faced before partnering with SellBigger?

A: Absolutely. Despite having a strong product, we struggled with converting interest into sales. Our sales funnel was more of a concept than a concrete strategy, and we were missing out on potential sales due to inefficiencies in our process.

Q: What made SellBigger stand out as a solution for these challenges?

A: SellBigger approached sales funnel optimization with a level of precision and customization that was unmatched. They didn’t just offer generic advice; they delved deep into our specific business model and tailored a strategy that fit us like a glove.

Q: How did SellBigger’s consulting services change your sales process?

A: Their impact was multifaceted. They redefined our sales journey, making it more efficient and customer-centric. With their turnkey solutions, we optimized our budget allocation, and their outsourced SDRs significantly reduced our costs without sacrificing the quality of our pipeline.

Q: What results have you seen since implementing their strategies?

A: The transformation has been nothing short of remarkable. Since we embraced SellBigger’s strategies, we’ve not only seen an increase in the number of qualified leads but also a significant improvement in our conversion rates. The last two quarters have been the largest revenue-generating quarters in our company’s history. Unlike our past experiences, where we had numerous meetings that rarely translated into revenue, we now have a real, robust pipeline where the majority of our engagements lead to closed deals. It’s a game-changer to see such a direct correlation between our sales activities and our revenue growth. SellBigger has helped us move beyond the vanity metrics and focus on what truly drives our business forward.The predictability has allowed us to focus on scaling other parts of our business, and the sales team is more energized than ever.

Q: SellBigger emphasizes cost efficiency. How has that benefited your startup?

A: As a startup, every dollar counts. SellBigger’s emphasis on cost efficiency meant we could achieve more with less. Their strategies allowed us to maintain a lean operation while expanding our reach and improving our sales outcomes.

Q: Finally, what would you say to other businesses considering SellBigger’s services?

A: If growth is what you’re after, SellBigger is the ally you need. Their expertise and tailored approach to sales funnel consulting are not just impressive; they’re transformative. They come with my highest recommendation.

  • CRO, Series C FinTech Startup